Author Book Review: Frieda McFadden

I know it's been a while since I have written in here. Just been busy surviving the pandemic. I think it's nearing the end. James and I both got our vaccinations and are doing fine. I will write more of an update later. Right now I would like to focus on the book that I just read. As some of you might know, I am an avid reader. Each year, I have a Reading Challenge that I do on Good Reads. This year I am reading 75 books. In the years past, I haven''t read that much because I was in school. However, since I have been out of school since 2012, I have averaged at least 50 books a year.     My Mom was a very strong reader and would read probably 3 to 4 novels a week easy. In the last few years of her life she actually owned a Used Book Store which she enjoyed having to go everyday.  Here is a link to Frieda McFadden's author page:  Home ( Fast forward to 2 days ago, I got an email from Frieda McFadden about her newest novel called: "The Locked D


 When I was a teenager, I babysat and that gave me some spending money. Back then, I was only making 50 cents an hour to babysit. Parents had cheap labor back then.  I remember one Summer when I was 14 I had a job and would take care of two little kids all day long. I don’t remember how much I actually made. At the end of the Summer, I remember buying a wooden tennis racket for 50.00 and that was a big deal for me. I was proud of it and back then the tennis rackets were expensive.  The next Summer, I went out of town with a family and was the Nanny for the two little girls for two weeks. I received free tennis lessons from a pro tennis player when we stayed at Lakeway in Austin. I learned how to play Hearts that Summer from the girls. When I was twenty-five years old, I had never held a full-time job. My parents in their infinite wisdom, thought they were helping me by not allowing me to get a job when i was in school.  I do appreciate what my parents did for me. I know they did this b

Blessing Jar 2020

 My Blessing Jar has been around for 3 years now. I started this jar back in 2018. I wrote down anything and everything. This included if a celebr8ty died even. However, 2020 was a difficult year. I didn't have very many things written down for 2020 when I finally looked into my jar. I had two pieces of paper having to do with our daughter, Krisina and that she was safe. I had one about Justin getting into law school as well as graduating College of Charleston for last year. That was a biggy. Thanks to the pandemic there was no graduation ceremony Also, he had decided that he didn't want to go through graduation anyway. I told him that was fine for now. However, when he graduates with his law degree in 4 years. I'm going to be there to watch him go across and he better do it! hehe Other slips of paper that I had in my jar had to do with the pandemic. I mentioned that they closed the state down the first of March and opened it back up in May. It wasn't completely opened
 GOODBYE 2020 I was so happy when the clock stuck 12:01 on New Year's Eve and 2020 was over. That year is up there with 2016 as being one of the worst years. 2020: We have been dealing with the pandemic and being isolated from everyone. For months we couldn't go out to restaurants or the mall. Finally, we have been able to go to the restaurant but some are still limited as to how many people can be in the restaurant at a time. Some places are only using the drive-thru. This is our new normal. Everyone is wearing a face mask. If you don't have on a face mask then you are not served.  2016: Was by far the worst year for me. In March we lost our Dad. Then April of 2016 is when I had my first of 5 surgeries. The first surgery was to remove the tumor that was pressing on my balance and facial area. This left me with Bells Palsy on the right side of my face. I had to go to rehab for 3 weeks to get my balance back to normal. Then other surgeries followed because I had a spinal flu

Poem: Shattered Glass

Not as strong as first thought Fragile like glass shattering to the floor Hurts and failed dreams Not sure how to make it better Good news, God's still in control Let him have everything He can make them fade away. Picture from FanArt Review, jodiedikun

The Shiny Red Shoes

I go to the mall to try to find some shoes to wear with my dress. I plan on wearing my red dress with a bare back.  I am going on a date with my favorite person. I spot the ones I want. They are shiny red high heels with a strap that goes in the back. I look at the price. Oh my! As much as I love them, I just can't see buying the shoes for that much money. I look around to see where the salesperson is to see if they are on sale.  She sees me and comes to see if I need anything. "Do you have these in a size 8 1/2?"  "Let me go in the back and see if we do.”  I look at the shoes again and shake my head. I just can't buy them for 95.00 dollars. I have never bought a pair of shoes for that much. I’m in school and only have a part-time job. The salesperson comes back and says, "Yes, we do have a size 8 1/2."  She gets one out of the box for me to try on. The shoe looks wonderful on my foot. I try the other shoe to get the full effe

Peggy the Matchmaker

                                   This is a picture of James and myself at the Singles Retreat. This was before we had even dated. People at the retreat kept asking us if we were brother and sister. hehe Someone sent this picture to me anonymously. I never found out who sent it but I have an idea. "Matchmaker, matchmaker, make me a match...." Peggy hummed the little tune as she wrote down the names of two people she knew from church on her yellow pad. She loved being able to put two people together that didn't seem like they would even like each other. Peggy thought of Katy and her husband James. She managed to get those two together, and it wasn't easy. James was very stubborn when it came to be willing to be matched. James was known for not having much to do with women. It was, actually, his son Jeremy that helped to get Katy and James together. This all began at one of the largest Baptist church in Houston, Texas. There were two 'Singles' group